Tocc is a big project. Without the help of the community, it won’t last long.

Not just Tocc benefits from contribution, but the contributor itself also gain more experience.

You don’t have to be a developer. There are other tasks that should be handled. This page lists things you can help with.

If you decided to contribute, contact Aidin at aidin (AT)


There are various parts of the project that you can help at as a developer. You don’t have to be a professional. Any contribution is valuable.

  • Tocc itself: If you’re a C++ developer, you can help with the Tocc project itself. Tocc project have three parts: main library (libtocc), official command line interface, and a file system (toccfs). Take a look at issues to find out what tasks are waiting to be done. Tasks that labeled easy are good points to start.

  • UIs: There can be different UIs for Tocc. CLIs, GUIs, plugins for different applications (i.e. file browsers like Nautilus of Dolphin). Each have their own features and usage. You can start developing a new UI for Tocc, as a separate project.

  • libtocc wrappers: libtocc is the main component of the Tocc. Its the engine of Tocc, and other components are just UIs for it. It written in C++. You can write wrappers for other languages. Doing that, you will learn more about underlying layers of the language your working with, in a fun way.

Documentation and Website

Documents are very important, both for the end users, and new developers that join the project. But they aren’t as fun as playing with code. That’s why developers don’t write documents. And that’s why documenters worth their weight in gold.

Documents of Tocc are written using Sphinx. The website is also some html files generated using Sphinx.


It will help end users a lot if they have user manuals in their own native language. You can help the project by translating documentation to your language.

Release Technician

In order to make it easy for users to install Tocc, we need to distribute packages for different OSes and Distros. Since there’s many of them, we need people to handle the job.

It won’t take too much time, because it should be done just when Tocc releases a new version.

If you have some free time every three or four months, you can be the Release Technician of you favorite OS.