Workflow of Tocc Development

Picking Up Issues

For each required change (Bug or Enhancement) there’s an issue in Tocc’s Issue List. To start work on something, you need to pick one of the issues.

Some issues labeled easy. If you are new to Tocc, we recommend to start with one of them. After you get familiar with Tocc’s design, you can pick other issues.

To pick up an issue, leave a comment like I’m going to work on this on that issue. Project’s admin will add a label to that issue, so others know someone working on it.


First, you need to clone the master branch of the main repository (aidin36). To do so, go to the Tocc’s Github Page and click on Fork button.

Now clone it on your local machine:

git clone


You should create a branch for each issue you’re working on. To do so, follow these steps.

  • Ensure your master branch is up to date:

    git checkout master
    git pull master
  • Create a branch for the issue, and switch into it:

    git checkout -b issue92
  • Do your changes, and commit them locally. (Don’t forget to follow the

    Coding Style Guide.)

Sending Pull Request

In order to merge your changes into main repository (aidin36), you need to send a Pull Request that contains your changes. In order to that, follow these steps.

  • Push your branch to your Github account:

    git push origin issue92
  • Go to Github site, and navigate to your fork of Tocc. Click on Branch

    menu. You should see your issue92 branch. Click on Create Pull Request.

More Info

Take a look at Github help page if you want full info about how to work with Git and Github.